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Lead Globally

Our technicians and engineers are the forefront of today’s industrial most advanced manufacturing technologies.

We’ll stop at nothing to bring you the best of the best, and we have an uncanny ability to innovate any project we work on. We are thought leaders and revolutionaries, come see the future with Innovative Automation.

Design & Engineering

Our team of skilled and experienced designers work efficiently to meet automation systems design requirements by listening to the customer first.

Machine Build & Development

The in house automation machine build team at Innovative Automation is high horse power with skilled trades, technicians, technologists and engineers

Automation Systems

Innovative Automation is able to provide a range of assembly automation options, ranging from standalone assembly and test machines to complex assembly and test systems.

Innovative Automation

Solutions for
every manufacturing challenge

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Trusted by partners around the world.

Innovative Community Partners

Partnering Locally

Help the community, have fun doing it, make it count.